What our clients say:

“I received very practical and helpful advice from Luba, which helped me to cope with the combined stresses of conflict at work and a sudden family bereavement.

I always come away with a sense of perspective and optimism when I visit Wicklow and Kildare Mental Health “

” I attended several therapists and psychiatrists for anxiety, depression and workplace stress…. Luba really helped me to uncover the origins of deeply embedded patterns of negative and self defeating thoughts. Having shone the light of truth on these I’m now able to let these go and move on with my life”

“I started sessions when I was very unwell with Long Covid and also ME.
Luba was a huge part of my recovery… I’ve got my life back. “

“I learned many strategies and methods to deal with my anxiety, and gained real insight into myself and the underlying issues stemming from my past.

I now know what has happened shouldn’t shape my future & I have the Power to  Choose what happens next.”

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